Q: Can I use my D4 Banner stand outdoors?
A: We do not recommend it in normal circumstances as a strong gust of wind could blow it over. However if the graphic was printed on a mesh fabric and the base has weights placed on it D4 units have been successfully used outdoors.

Q: What is the biggest single D4 Banner stand available?
A: The D4.8-120 Wide and D4.8 Wave display stands are 94” tall with a printed fabric banner to a maximum size of 48” x 90”

Q: How heavy is the linked D4.8-L10 that I am using in my 10ft booth?
A: The display complete with its Rotomoulded wheeled shipping case weighs 45lbs. The case is also approved for shipping by air and can be checked in as baggage when a courier is not being used.

Q: How quickly can a D4 Banner stand be assembled?
A: Single banner stands of any size take 2-5 minutes, and a 10ft booth with four lights will take between 10-15 minutes. Assembly instructions for all the different models are available in PDF format by clicking here.

Q: If I place my order today how quickly can I get my D4 Banner stand with a printed fabric banner?
A: All D4 models are available from stock and can be shipped Express Overnight anywhere in North America if needed. Printed fabric banners can be produced within 5 days or less, though rush charges will apply for very short lead-time work.

Q: What sizes are the D3 Lightscreens available in?
A: Out of the four standard sizes available, two of them can fit the D3 Display Stand. These are the 16" x 21" and 21" x 27" models. The remaining standard sizes are 10" x 13" and 30" x 40". We can make our D3 Lightscreens any size up to 30” x 40” and as small as 7” x 10” though there is a minimum order quantity required for custom sizes.

Q: How tall is a D3 Display stand?
A: All D3 Display models have a universal height of 65”

Q: What size literature can fit into a brochure holder for the D3 Display?
A: We offer 6 types of literature holders in three sizes. Brochure pockets, for documents up to 9 ½” x 13”, Postcard or CD pockets for collateral up to 6” x 9” and Tri-fold flyer pockets for literature up to 4 ½” x 9”.

Q: How much weight will the shelf on a D3 Display support?
A: The shelf has been tested with a maximum load of 20lbs.

Q: How quickly can a D3 Display stand be assembled?
A: Depending on how many accessories are being attached to the display 5-8 minutes. Assembly instructions for different models are available in PDF format by clicking here.

Q: Can I use my D3 LED Lightscreen in other countries?
A: Yes, the D3’s low voltage transformer can be used in countries with a 240V supply as well. An adaptor will be required though to match the power outlet of the specific country.

Q: How heavy is a D3 Display stand?
A: Our D3 Display with a 21 x 27” LED Lightscreen and a double brochure holder complete with a D3 shipping case on wheels weighs 35lb. The case is approved for shipping by air and can be checked in as baggage when a courier is not being used.

Q: What sizes of D3 Media player are available?
A: We have two sizes of LCD Media player screens. A 17” version with a 4:3 screen ratio of 1024 x 768 and a 19” Widescreen model with a 16:10 screen ratio of 1440 x 900.

Q: What kinds of digital data can the D3 Media Display accept?
A: The D3 Media Display is a self contained Audio Visual unit, and will play movie files in DivX, AVI and MP2 format and slide shows or images in JPG format. It also recognizes MP3 audio files. Our File Specification Guide can be downloaded by clicking here.

Q: How do I show my movie or image files on the D3 Media Display?
A: The D3 Media Display is a self contained unit with no need to connect a DVD player or Computer to make it operate. Your files can be loaded onto a Compact Flash (CF) card, which is supplied with every D3 Media player, or Secure Digital (SD) card or on a USB drive.
Simply transfer your files onto the supplied CF Card and insert it into the D3 Media Display. Video and images may require adjusting to fit the screen’s resolution. For more information on file preparation click here.

Q: How do I operate the D3 Media Display?
A: The D3 Media Display is fully remote controlled, and has a wide range of special features such as timer functions, slide transition options etc. in addition to the normal controls you would expect with a multi media device. The User Guide for all of the features and controls can be downloaded by clicking here.

Q: How heavy is a D3 Media Display?
A: The player itself weighs only 10lbs. When combined with a D3 Display stand, brochure dispenser and D3 Rotomoulded case the total weight is 36lbs

Q: Can I use my D3 Media Display in other countries?
A: Yes, the D3 Media Display’s low voltage transformer can be used in countries with a 240V supply as well. An adaptor will be required though to match the specific country's power outlet.

Q: What is the largest D5 Display available?
A: The D5 Display comes in four standard styles for In-line booths. FlatWall, Curve, Serpentine and Arc and all of these are available in 20ft options. If you require a larger booth structure for an Island booth or custom installation, then we can design and fabricate any solution or style to demand. Click here to visit our Custom Project gallery and see some examples of our work.

Q: Can my D5 display have a double sided graphic?
A: Yes all of our models can be fitted with double-sided graphics if required.

Q: How do I ship my D5 Display?
A: We have both reinforced padded travel bags and our D3 Rotomoulded case with wheels, which will hold all of our different models right up to a 20ft In-line booth in a single case or bag.

Q: What is the weight of a D5 Display 10ft booth?
A: A 10ft Booth complete with graphics and lights weighs only 39lbs packed in its Rotomoulded case on wheels.

Q: How long does a 10ft D5 Display take to set up?
A: The D5 Display sets up without any tools in 8-10 minutes

Structural Signs

Q: How do you assemble Hanging signs?
A: All of our standard shapes and sizes use simple push button connectors that require no tools for assembly. The vertical uprights that separate the frames are connected using Allen bolts. An Allen key is supplied with every frame. We use only commonly available bolts and keys that can be easily sourced at any major hardware store.

Q: How do you install or hang a fabric structure or sign?
A: All of our standard structures are fitted with the correct amount of eyebolts for connecting to harnesses. Harness kits can be ordered with any of our structures and signs if required. Check with your contractors or show management to confirm if you will need harnesses, or if your installer will supply them.

Q: Can you use a rotator with a hanging sign?
A: Yes we can supply suitably rated rotator units for our signs. Please check with your show management to confirm whether they can be used at your particular event. You may need to make a request in writing for a variation to your booth.

Q: Can your hanging structures be illuminated?
A: Yes we can adapt any of our standard structures to accept fluorescent lights for back lighting the fabrics. We enclose the bottom of the sign as well with a fabric image so that the lighting is not seen from below.

Q: Can you print images on both sides of your signs?
A: Yes this can be done with any images on any of our signs. To prevent the image on one side of the sign ghosting through the image on the second side a light blocker will need to be used.


Q: How do I prepare my digital artwork?
A: We have Artwork Guidelines for all of our products that can be downloaded in PDF format. Click here to access these files or visit the Printing section of our website.

Q: Can D4 Displays create my banner artwork?
A: Yes we can provide design services please call us toll free to discuss details and costs or alternatively click here and email us with your requirements.

Q: How long does it take to print a banner?
A: Normally allow 5 working days from our receipt of your finished ready to print artwork for the finished banner to be dispatched. Banners can be produced faster if needed but depending on production workloads and the type of project rush charges may be applied. Please call us if you do have a time sensitive project.

Q: Do you supply colour proofs before printing a banner?
A: Graphics of all types are printed direct from the files supplied. We ask that a low res PDF of the file is supplied for content matching and that any critical colours are referenced using Pantone PMS numbers. If necessary a full size section of the image approx 2ft square can be printed as a proof. Please contact us for pricing for this service and allow an extra 2-4 working days to process and deliver a proof.

Q: How do I get my digital art files to you?
A: We have an FTP server that is operational 24 hours a day for uploading files using FTP software. Click here to obtain details of how to do this or alternatively send your files on a CD or DVD by courier. DO NOT post artwork to us using the normal mail.


Q: Do price lists for displays include the cost of the printed banners or fabrics?
A: All of our printed fabrics are sold separately.

Q: Do I have to buy my graphics from D4 Displays Inc.?
A: As long as the Artwork Guidelines we provide are followed, any professional printer of fabrics should be able to produce graphics for any of our systems.

Q: How quickly can I get one of D4 Displays products?
A: As the manufacturer of these displays, most models are available from stock depending on the quantity required. Displays can be dispatched within 24 hours of receiving a written order and payment, if no credit account facility is in place.

Q: Can I buy a display without travel bags or cases?
A: Yes, if the display is planned for permanent use we can supply all of our displays in a one time shipping carton.

Q: What are the benefits of buying my printed fabric graphics from D4 Displays?
A: We specify a range of fabrics including special Eco fabrics that have been developed and tested for use with all of our display systems. We can match the best fabric choices to the models you are considering, and ensure your project is completed on time.

Q: Can we rent any of your displays?
A: Some of our Distributors have available rental inventory. Please click here to contact our sales department and they will advise you of the nearest available Distributor.

Spare Parts

Q: If I am on the show floor of an event how quickly can I get a missing component delivered?
A: Call us immediately and providing we can make either the UPS or FedEx pick up for that day, we can ship for Overnight Express for 10.30am or Express Plus for 8.30am delivery the next day. Call us Toll Free on 1 – 866 D4 STAND (347 8263).

Q: I have a display that is 6 years old can I still get spare parts?
A: Yes, we have displays being used that are over 10 years old. Even when we develop a newer version of one of our display products we still continue to hold parts of the older version for at least 24 months after it is launched. Also most of our displays can be retrofitted and updated to bring them up to the new standard. You just need to return the display to us and we can carry out this work within 48 hours usually.

Q: Where can I obtain replacement light bulbs?
A: We stock bulbs for all of our lighting kits that are currently available. A good electrical store will sell 50W halogen bulbs, but take along the old bulb to ensure you get one that is constant colour with UV filter and 60 degree beam. The lamp modules for our LED lights are only available from D4 Displays.


Q: How do I place an order?
A: Once we have confirmed the costs, please fax your signed Purchase Order or written confirmation to us. Our fax number is 905 820 2249. Alternatively, e-mail your written order confirmation or Purchase Order in PDF format to sales@D4displays.com


Q: What are D4 Displays payment terms?
A: If you are buying our products on a regular basis then we will open an account for you. Download our Credit Account application here. Our terms are 30 days net, subject to a credit check, for companies based within the USA and Canada. If you are purchasing products on an occasional basis, we ask for payment if full by credit card or cheque prior to shipping the goods. Our full Terms and Conditions are available as a download as well as our Warranty.

Q: If I am based outside North America, what are my payment terms?
A: Payment in full is required prior to the order being dispatched. We can provide our bank details so that payment can be made by Wire Transfer or Pay Pal. Alternatively payment can be made by credit card.


Q: Does the list price include delivery?
A: Delivery costs are added to your invoice based on the total weight and volume of the materials being shipped and the required deadline. Alternatively we can ship your order using your account with your preferred courier.

Q: What import charges are there relating to your products?
A: None, as all of our display products and graphic banners are registered under NAFTA. Ground shipments to the USA are subject to a US Border / Homeland security fee, which is based on the value of the shipment. With Express, Expedited and Economy service levels this fee is included in the freight cost.

Q: What is the difference between actual and volume weight?
A: UPS and FedEx calculate volume weight by multiplying the 3 dimensions of a carton and then dividing this number by 139 and rounding the result up to the nearest whole number. e.g. A carton that is 33 x 11 x 7” has a volume of 2541 divided by 139 equals 18.28 and this would be rounded up to 19lbs. Whichever of the two weights is the greater will end up being the billable weight. For up to date shipping information visit the UPS site here.

Product Warranty

Q: What happens if I receive a damaged item?
A: In the unlikely event that this occurs contact us immediately. FedEx and UPS offer insurance against freight damage, which we include when shipping on our accounts. If you believe that the damage is due to shipping please photograph any damage to both the package and the goods and then hold them for inspection by the courrier. We will gladly replace the item, once the courrier has approved your claim. Full details of our Warranty in PDF format can be downloaded here.

Q: What happens if a component fails while I am using my display?
A: D4 Displays offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all of our display stands. Additionally our LED and LCD products benefit from a One Year Guarantee against defects. Please contact us to discuss the fault and arrange for a replacement part. Note that we do not accept liability for a display has been modified or altered after delivery.


Q: My PDF opens within my browser. How do I save it?
A: Browsers like Firefox or Safari have the Acrobat plug-in allowing you to view the PDF within your browser. If you wish to save the PDF, simply go to File in the menu browser and choose “Save”. When saving make sure you choose the “type” as “Source” and not as “Text”. Alternatively when clicking on the original link to the PDF hold down the right mouse button (PC) or CTRL key and mouse button (MAC) and choose to Save / Download the Link / Target.

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