Dye sublimation is used to print images on to fabrics and is the process of changing ink particles into gas, which are heat transferred into the textile. The images are actually dyed into the fabric. The advantages of dye sublimation are that textiles are very durable and can be laundered. Fabrics are generally lighter than other printing media making them easier to transport and store. They also have a different look and feel from paper or film based graphics.

      Graphics are printed on high resolution machines outputting the finest photographic quality images ideal for all types of exhibition, sales communication and marketing needs.

      We can guide clients through the latest materials and fabric options best suited to individual projects. Our design background guarantees that the end result will be printing of the highest standard, all correctly finished for any of our displays. Accustomed to tight deadlines we can turn around most projects in 5 working days from receipt of artwork.

      Artwork files can be sent to us by courier or special delivery on CDR or DVD. They can also be uploaded to our secure FTP server . Click here for FTP details.

      Fabric materials suitable for all D4 Displays products are featured here - including information on finishes, durability, fire rating, material transparency and storage factors.

Fabric Materials

      To ensure our clients get the finest printed fabrics we only recommend materials that pass the strictest of tests. We consider print quality and durability, ease of tailoring and finishing, whether the banner hangs straight with no edge curl, and also whether it rolls up easily for transportation. Below are descriptions of materials ideally suited for all D4 and D5 displays. You can narrow your choice down by going straight to the star ratings for choice of material. Or, call us for further information or to request a sample. All fabrics meet NVPA 701 fire retardancy when treated.


      An exclusive environmentally friendly recyclable material. The first "Cradle to Cradle" material for the trade show industry creating no waste, or harmful by-products. Compliant with the highest level 4 standards. Maximum printing width 70".


      This material is non-stretch 100% polyester with a very tight weave creating a much smoother surface for crisp images and outstanding text reproduction. This medium weight fabric is also ideal where no show through is required. It is also the most wrinkle resistant fabric in our range. This material can only be printed by dye sublimation and is finished using a hot blade. Maximum printing width is 96".

Light Flag Mesh***

      This light weight (2oz) open weave 100% polyester fabric allows for partial viewing through the banner while displaying graphics. Ideal for giving more depth to your display. As the title suggest this is also a good material for making flags from. Maximum printing width 58 inches.

Premium Mesh Flag**

      This material is similar to the Light Flag mesh, but with a slightly more open weave that creates softer images. It also has the advantage of a maximum printing width of 120" for those larger projects.


      This fabric has the same characteristics as PolyPro but can be printed directly as well as by dye sublimation. A great choice for larger fabric murals and banners having a maximum printing width of 120". This fabric is also approved for use in Europe.

Poly Satin SM***

      This is a semi opaque polyester fabric with a completely smooth satin sheen once printed. It is only suitable for dye sublimation printing and the edges are finished using a hot blade. The fabric works well for high impact images and on D4 Wave displays. Maximum printing width 72 inches.


      This lightweight opaque polyester fabric has a knit weave that allows it to stretch in both the vertical and horizontal planes, making it a perfect product for all the different D5 Display models. Maximum printing width 96 inches.

Poly Sheer**

      This is the lightest weight fabric in our range and is also the most translucent. A great choice where a three dimensional graphic effect is desired or for using to create privacy screens that do not obscure open space. Maximum printing width 120 inches.

Back Light**

      This medium weight fabric is able to diffuse and transmit light making it ideal for use where projection, LED and moving floor lighting effects are planned. The light source can be placed very close to the fabric without hot spots occurring making it a great choice for creating large light boxes. Maximum printing width 120 inches.

Poly Lycra**

      This fabric is capable of extreme stretch in all directions. Most suitable for use on tension flag or any other display where tension is required e.g. wraps. Maximum printing width 58 inches.

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